7 Reasons Why Fitness Boosts Productivity

beach-jogLooking to boost your productivity? Have you thought about incorporating fitness into your daily routine?

Fitness is a tried and tested technique for increasing motivation and productivity throughout the day. Even if you’re not the sporty type – you don’t have to be good at fitness – just doing something can boost your output.

Other than the obvious physical health benefits to exercise, there are many additional mental health benefits too. Increased ability to concentrate, increase creativity, boost mental output, the list goes on.

Okay, so there’s all this hype about getting into fitness, but why bother? Here are 7 reasons why you need to get fit to boost productivity:

1: Alertness

Exercising releases endorphins into your body. These endorphins keep you alert, switched on and motivated. It’s like the body’s own natural caffeine. So by regularly exercising you’re keeping your alertness levels high. This means boosted productivity all day.

2: Discipline

It’s difficult to stay motivated and exercise every day. So one of the best ways to keep that motivation high is to form a routine. For example: you could go for a jog or cycle every day, first thing in the morning. That way, your body clock automatically knows when it’s fitness time. The added benefit to having an exercise routine is the increased discipline.

3: Success leads to success

If you set yourself a goal to run 5 kilometres in a certain time – make sure you achieve that goal. Because when you achieve that goal something interesting happens to your mind. Your mind starts to see what success looks like. It starts to understand the process of setting a goal and achieving a goal.

Before you know it you’ll be setting regular goals and achieving them. These goals don’t just need to be fitness related; they could be monetary targets for your business or a salary increase target. This is of the best ways to be successful and motivated – set goals.

4: More energy

It might not seem obvious to everyone – but regular exercise increases your energy levels. Why? Because you’re saying to your body “hey look – I need to energy to exercise here, can you produce loads of energy or what!?”. The result: more energy.

Of course you do need to eat properly and fuel your body to provide this energy. But once you increase your fitness, you’ll have tonnes more energy.

5: Reduce illnesses

Healthy people have healthier immune systems, and healthy immune systems are better at fighting off illnesses. If you’ve got a tough immune system: you’ll get ill less. Simple. People that regularly exercise and keep active have stronger immune systems. Less sick days = more productivity for your business.

6: Increase confidence

It’s incredible what exercising does to your body. One of the first things many people notice is an increase in confidence and self esteem. You feel better, you look better and you perform better. What better way to increase your confidence?

7: Reduce stress

Regular exercise keeps stress levels down. It also helps the human body to cope better with stress. Not to mention the act of exercising itself is a great stress buster. If you’re feeling stressed out, go for a jog, walk, cycle, swim etc. You’ll feel much better. Keeping your stress levels down means you’ll be able to focus on your work.

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